Car Wash Bellavista

The Autolavaggio Bellavista Carwash station was established in 1980 and is considered as the largest carwash in Italy on an area that covers over over 6000 sq. meters and also for the variety of service it offers. As a matter of fact as well as external wash for any kind of vehicle, from bicycles to road trains, the Autolavaggio Bellavista Carwash is one of the first companies in Europe specialized in the internal wash for oilers, tanks, containers and silos put to use for the transportation of chemical, food and powdered products.

The Autolavaggio Bellavista utilizes 3 decades of car wash innovation and work ability experience, advanced technology to maximize cleaning. Ever since, we believe in the necessity to give a an accurate and complete service, therefore the company has invested in on-the-job-training, security, and environmental impact to the point to become a landmark of reliability for the service offered. In fact its now decades that we are partnered with the major Italian and European road haulage companies regarding internal tank wash and truck wash service. As for the car-wash service we co-operate with the public sector, body shops, mechanics and for leading car companies such as Bmw, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Crysler, Opel and others. All this thanks to the use of advanced technologies and a team of working experts ready to solve any kind of problem.