Ozone sanitization? Yes thanks!

Why do we say yes to ozone in sanitization?
Because it is recognized by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, with publication n.25 / 2020 as a disinfectant and microbiological sanitizer also for viruses;
 Because ozone is recognized by the Ministry of Health, with protocol 24482 of July 31, 1996, as a natural aid for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites;
 Because it is recognized by the WHO as the most efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms. In the WHO document to which we refer, it is detailed that, with ozone concentrations of 0.1-0.2 mg / L.min, inactivation of all types of viruses is obtained;
 Because ozone gas has been shown to kill the SARS coronavirus and, since the structure of the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus is almost identical to that of the SARS coronavirus, it is relatively safe to say that it also works with Covid-19;
 Because ozone is a natural gas that sanitizes up to 99.98% of any type of surface;
 Because ozone is produced by professional machinery through oxygen and does not need consumables!
 Because ozone does not pollute!
 Because Ozone is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms and once its oxidizing and sanitizing action is finished, it is converted back to oxygen, without leaving any residue.
 Because ozone, used professionally, does not damage any surface!

That’s why we said “yes” to ozone sanitization, in a time when sanitizing has become more important than ever.