The Autolavaggio Bellavista has at ones disposal a track equipped with a set of 4 panel brushes of which one is specific for the tank-container wash and connected to a machine belonging to the latest technology that delivers up to 150 lt/minute of water at a pressure of 100 bar and a temperature of max 90°. There are also 4 water jets and a probe to unblock the tanks drain pipes.

Special alkaline and or acid detergents can be added to the water that flows through the panel brushes. At our car wash system we use specific detergents for any kind of need to wash and all come with a technical guide for security.

We are also able to apply a special disinfestation treatment that acts ah germicide and bacteria killer absorbing eventual bad odours left behind by the products given before hand. We also have a boiler that produces steam that can be used for either washing or heating the tank.

The work regarding tank wash is always guaranteed by a certificate . This document comes in original plus 2 copies each of different color and progress number on which are listed all the operations that have taken place during the wash. It is possible to effect a final control with a digital pH-Sensor for the final check out and if required the application of a lead seal code which will be noted on the certificate itself.