At the Autolavaggio Bellavista carwash you can have your truck washed at use of a unit of 3 large equipped brushes and 2 high pressure water applicators which deliver a concentrated blast of water that reaches- 200 bar pressure up to 151/minute at a maximum temperature of C130°

During the wash we use specific detergents for every need which are all correlated with specific technical card for security.

The recognition for internal tank wash also allow us to wash inside fridge containers after which we release a certificate stating the cleaning taken place according to the HCCP standards.

Our feather in the cap is our chassis wash system unit the one and only in Tuscany. Placed on a cement ramp, the unit has performing rotor brushes that deliver detergent and hot water blast up to 90°C at a 100 bar pressure.

We apply motor washing, greasing, special panel treatment to avoid corrosion from road salt and sea salt, besides satisfying any need for inside cabin cleaning, upholstery and disinfestation.

In order to keep low our prices it is possible for our clients to use the self service unit for money saving and not only.

It is also possible for companies with more than a vehicle to draw up a convenient agreement reminding that a well kept fleet is a way for advertising a good performance which reflects on the efficiency of that company itself.